Paco Peña’s show, FLAMENCO – Voces y Ecos, followed the phenomenal success of Musa Gitana. Its theme is the evolution of flamenco over the centuries. Here, he tells us some more about his inspiration for the show. This production looks at present day flamenco as well as the state of the art in years past, and reflects on the enormous power and draw that it has at all times.
Voces y Ecos is a musical journey that aims to display the high level of development of modern flamenco, to highlight the razor sharp rhythmic complexity of its latest variations in dance, song and guitar. But, first, it aims to glance back to the most primitive, pure forms of this captivating art and pay due respect to the legacy that tradition has left us; to observe the enormous inspiration that past eras of flamenco have given to today's artists; to show that the high levels of virtuosity achieved by today's dancers and guitarists is not unrelated to the cry "in extremis" of the lone singer of the past. In short, to show that the original vehement emotions that prompted singers, dancers and guitarists of days gone by, continue to nourish the art today and will remain the life-blood of flamenco - always....
Like the internationally acclaimed, groundbreaking productions ‘Musa Gitana’ and ‘Arte y Pasión’, the world premiere of ‘Voces y Ecos’ will took place at the Peacock Theatre in London, home of Sadler’s Wells in the West End.

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