Since the première of Musa Gitana on 4th February 1999, the reviews have been ecstatic, praising Paco for his originality. Paco has daringly brought innovation to the traditional flamenco show, to produce an inspirational dance drama crafting the life of a turn-of-the-century Cordoban painter into an Andalucian folk tale.
Painter Julio Romero was fascinated by the gypsy's unrepressed way of life, which was a major source of inspiration for his paintings. His fascination with one particular gypsy dancer resulted in her destruction, the death of his gypsy muse. Paco uses photos and early film footage from Torres' own life with reproductions of his paintings to create a novel backdrop to this stirring drama of jealousy, passion and tragedy.
The costumes for Musa Gitana have also been inspired by Torres' paintings. Costume designer Maya Schröder has recreated the flowing silk dresses from the turn of the century portraits of the salon society and the more flamboyant dresses from the taverns where flamenco was most often celebrated. So cleverly are the characters imitating the paintings that dancers oscillate between the two spheres the living tableaux and the still poses.

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