Programme & Credits
Essential flamenco
Culo e Puya
Afro-Venezuelan folklore
Joropo Oriental   El Cruzao | Jaleos
Bridging musical traditions
Pregones Zulianos | Farruca
The haunting quality of this Venezuelan dance offers a striking contrast to the strong character of the dance and music of the farruca
Gaita de Tambora | Tangos
Two musical cultures from very distant geographical areas blend miraculously in natural harmony
Waltz for Sony | Alegrías
Venezuelan melodies interpreted in the form of a true flamenco style
Soleá  |  Culo e Puya
Two of the most essential forms, which embody vastly different musical elements, surprisingly come together and compliment each other, one from the flamenco repertoire, the other from Afro-Venezuelan musical traditions
Culo e Puya
This fulía, bounced from an old recording kindly lent to us by the ‘Morella Muñoz Foundation’, in Caracas, we bring back and celebrate the voice of this unforgettable diva of Venezuelan song
Sirena | Tientos
The compelling mood of the sirena song inspires the measured and sensual quality of the tientos 
Galerón | Guajira
This track represents the direct combination of a beautiful Venezuelan song with another, equally expressive, from the flamenco chapter known as ‘Songs of Departure and Return'
Serenata Venezolana   Andreina |  Vals Venezolano | Como Llora una Estrella | Natalia
A tribute to a great popular tradition, embodied in the music of warmly loved Venezuelan icons such as Maestros Antonio Lauro and Raúl Borges among others
Cajón solo, showing the expressive power and versitility of this iconic Peruvian instrument
Contrapunteo  |  Pajarillo
A light-hearted battle of expression
Flor de Mayo | Martinete | Seguiriya | Tambor de Aragua 
In this final track, Spanish and Venezuelan musical traditions truly come together
World premiere at the Sadlers Wells Theatre, London 2009
Devised by 
Paco Peña
Jude Kelly
Original Music by
Paco Peña, Paco Arriaga, Rafael Montilla & Ricardo Sandoval
Angel Muñoz, Fran Espinosa, Ramón Martínez & Daniela Tugues
Design by
Michael Vale
Costume Design by
Linda Rowell & Elvira Peña
Original Lighting Design by
Aideen Malone
Produced by
MPM London

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