Programme & Credits

Free Flamenco Guitar and Song Introduction

Buleria  -  Solea  |  Nimba  - Soko

Flute  |  Guitar Solo 

Dougoulente  (A Work Dance)  
Buleria Trio  
Tanguillos  |  Um Muyee  (Song of Travel)  
Tientos  (A Dream)  
Buleria  |  Fore Sacre  (A Confrontation)  
Kalaboka (African Rap)  
African Blues  
Relato  (Guitar and Poem)  
Buleria Final | Sonsoner  
Tangos - Rumba  |   African Salsa
My sweat-drenched earth is fruitless now
I sense a voice calling me away
My destiny is to walk
As if following a dream
Whose end I cannot see…
In spite of it all
I will continue to dream
And sail through my sea of hopes
Until I may fuse them with yours
Extracts of a song from Quimeras
World premiere at the Edinburgh International Festival, London 2010
Devised by
Paco Peña
Jude Kelly
Musical Concept by
Paco Peña
Original Music
Paco Peña, Rafael Montilla, Paco Arriaga, Aboubacar Syla 
Assisted by
José Angel Carmona
Original Flamenco
Choreography Marco Flores, Olga Pericet
Revised by
Angel Muñoz, Fran Espinosa
African Choreography
Alboury Dabo, Sonia Sampayo
Lighting Design
Tom Wickens
Original Lighting Design
Aideen Malone
Linda Rowell
Elvira Peña
Poem written by
Caroline Bird
Sound Design
Elena Peña
General Management
MPM London
PACO PEÑA uses D'Addario, Pro-Arté strings on all his instruments.  
Guitars made by GERUNDINO, in Almería and by HERMANOS PEÑA, in Córdoba, Spain
Special thanks to SOUND NETWORK for their continued support and for providing the DPA mics used in these performances.
Our thanks to IMAE Gran Teatro, Córdoba, for their support during pre-production of this show.

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