THE DAILY EXPRESS, London   * * * *
‘A crack company of flamenco dancers, singers and musicians’ 
METRO, London
‘Nothing short of electrifying’
‘not only was it moving seeing the renowned Spanish flamenco guitarist and composer Paco Peña perform live, but simply unforgettable to see Spanish and African music and dance styles can be blended to make an altogether harmonious and riveting show’
‘The energy displayed throughout is breathtaking’
‘Quimera or chimera is the figurative term for a wild free fancy and is an apt way of summing up this spectacular show’
‘powerful and moving…it held the audience spellbound.’
‘The fabulous finale, with the whole company joining forces in a riot of colour and movement, was pure exuberance, and as we were leaving, I heard one man behind me say to his companion: "Does he ever let us down?"  The answer, quite simply, is no. Pena may be a veteran these days, but he continues to push the boundaries of his art, and we can only hope to be lucky enough that he graces the Anvil with his presence again in the future.’
* * * * 
Evening News, Edinburgh  
‘the dance .. – by turns flamenco and high energy African movement (performed, mainly, to drum music) – is superb, and Peña’s own guitar playing is, as always, breathtakingly beautiful.’  
TELEGRAPH,  London  
‘Oblivious to borders [art] harvests the best of a culture and combines it with traditional forms of expression to create something exciting and vibrant. Just as Flamenco legend Paco Peña has done with Quimeras’  ‘There are numerous riveting Flamenco dance solos so hot that the dancers don’t so much wear holes in their shoes as scorch through them..’          
 EVENING NEWS, Edinburgh  
‘The musicianship, vocals and movement are superb, bringing together a rhythmic blend of African and flamenco styles..’  ‘Seeing the same routine performed simultaneously by two different cultures is utterly fascinating, and, as always, Peña himself is a joy to listen to.’  
The man who introduced Britain to Flamenco in the 60’s hasn’t slowed down in the slightest, [Peña] drives some brilliant sequences in the show.’  ‘Towards the end, when they embrace each other’s musical styles and dance techniques, the show reaches a wonderful climax..’  
ED FEST MAG, Edinburgh  
‘The music is an intoxicating mixture of guitar, African drums and singing. Together, it is a big, joyous celebration of exuberant dance in which the four flamenco dancers end up silently framing the three African dancers.’  ‘The Spanish company are in particularly brilliant form - with Angel Munoz oozing testosterone as he dances a bull fight and Marco Flores on fire as weaves sensuality, calm, and passion into his moves.’         
THE STAGE, London  
‘…both cultures…show their best and satisfy the ‘Oceans Apart’ theme of the Edinburgh International Festival as well as thrill the audience with exhilarating and sensual Flamenco dances.’  ‘it was a thrilling, intense and dynamic performance with tremendous sound and visuals’.

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